Friday, November 11, 2011

A Dug's life.

Cold mist at Pirig Park, Edinburgh.
Winter is definitely on it's way here. Autumn has been kicked up the arse so hard I found some unripe brambles the other day. They were pretty fucked as there has all ready been a few frosts. This has fucked up my plans to make some bramble whisky. I missed all the other fruits as other folk and animals had all ready got them. Luckily for me Calvert came round to scrounge a demijohn as he had got himself a rake of sloes to make sloe gin. I've got loads of demijohns for home brewing so I gave him one (a demijohn) and I got some sloes in return. Fucking champion!. A wee trip to Tescos for some cheapy gin and a bag of sugar and I had this.

Just made.
To make sloe gin you need a demijohn, a bunch of sloes and a bag of sugar. a good measure is two bottles if gin to a kilo of sloes and a kilo of sugar. I dunno how much sloes I got from Calvert so I used the lot.
After a few days it looks like this.

A few days later.
It takes a while before its ready. This batch will be ready around Christmas, but the longer you leave it the better. I've tried stuff thats a few year old and its braw.

As I said, its feeling a bit colder now but thats not stopped me getting out on the pushbike for a wee blast. I went for a wee pedal the other day with Dave, Faithir and Faithir's dug, Roli. Roli goes like fuck down the trails, he's always bouncing off to chase rabbits and other things. he's pretty good around the bikes and rarely gets ran over, although he sometimes tries to bike the tyres on the bike so I squirt him in the face with the water bottle. We made a film,  check it oot.


  1. WOuldnt mind trying a wee tipple of that......what ever the shit it is.

    I wonder if you could sne dsome over, the time itgets here it will be perfect for dinking.

  2. we could bring some over!! I have family in Tauranga, north island so.... been savin for years for a trip. HB xx

  3. Sloe gin! I'll be knocking on your fucking door right enough matey!

  4. Nice post Mike, and a great wee film wi Roli