Friday, November 19, 2010


I've not updated my blog for a wee while but don't worry, I've kept myself busy. I've been doing a fair bit of night cycling in the local woods, but its been that fucking wet and muddy I've not taken my camera out to get piccys. The GS is pretty much off the road for winter, so that'll be getting a proper service over the next few months and the C90 will be getting winterproofed anytime soon. i just need to buy a rear knobbly tyre and new rear indicators. I've also got a couple of top recipes to share, so I'll post them up soon.
In the meantime check out this ace video I found.

Mountain Bike versus Motorbike from Amped Clothing on Vimeo.

I'm that good on both those kinds of bikes. No, honestly I am. Sometimes. Maybe. I am.

Not really.

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  1. thats a cool film Mike!,
    cyclist wins though as he can go to the pub after and have have 5 pints and then ride home...the biker cant...-:)