Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California dreaming...

Had a wee shot of my Dad's latest project, a Moto Guzzi California. I took it a spin round the back roads before he strips it all down to tart it up. Like most Guzzis its a traverse V twin which sounds pretty good even with the standard pipes. The induction roar gets quite addictive. I was expecting it to handle like a sausage due to its size, but its actually pretty good. One I got used to it I was quite enjoying winging around the back roads on it. I was bombing down this wee road up near 'kinchie past a bit where I had to swerve through a herd of deer that jumped out on me on the C90, this got me thinking "I wonder what it would be like if I had to slam on the brakes?" Hmmmm

I went round a corner


there was a fucking muckle herd of coos!!

I fair shat myself but the Guzzi stopped in time. The farmer even said "Must have gid brakes on that!"
Moto Guzzi. Surprisingly gid fun.
I enjoyed the Guzzi a lot more than I thought I would, if someone offers you a shot of one take it. You might be surprised.

My insurance on the phone I lost came though. They never had my phone in stock so the upgraded me to the uberfone. This thing does fucking EVERYTHING. It can even tell where I've been. You can see the map and stats for my cycle today here. This will be pretty useful for me. I'll be able to tell where I've been every time I get lost. Sick

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