Sunday, November 7, 2010


I got my new lights for my push bike. I went for the new magicshine from Deal Extreme. It worked out at around £60 for the light. Thats pretty good considering most push bike lights suitable for off road use cost at least double that.
To put it simply these lights are fucking brilliant, I went for a wee run round the Winton Estate and down through the woods. They give more than enough light to see where your going and what hazards are coming at you. I took some pictures but they don't really show how good these things are.
the blue ball is an alien spaceship. Not a lens reflection.
On the back of my wee trial my mate Nickleback has ordered one of these and Woody is about to, so we'll see how they fair with the magicshines.
Now all we need is for the rain to stop.


  1. who kind of GB rides a pink poof chariot?

  2. I think you mean "what kind of GB rides a pink poof chariot?" Clown.