Sunday, August 29, 2010

C90 'leccy problems.....

The thing about owning one of the most reliable bikes on the planet is that you have to spend loads of time fixing bits of it.
Last night on the way back from night shift I lost dip or main beam. Again. The reason I say dip or main, is that there is no real difference between the two in how far they help you see up the road, they just seem to have different spreads of light. I thought I'd fixed this before by cleaning everything down. All was working fine 'till last night.
Hey, its a lot better than the time the swingarm nearly fell off.......

This blue cable was loose.

I pulled the headlight out and had a wee look. The bulb was still fine, but the blue wire looked like it's connector was a wee bit loose. I squeezed this on a wee bit tighter with a pair of pliers and all was well again. Awesome. After some scientific headlight adjustment the C90 was good again!

I've just arrived at work and it looks like the dip/main is fucked again. Back to the drawing board (and the Haynes manual)
Anyone got any ideas??


  1. You may have tried it already...
    Spray some Servisol / WD40 / Mr Sheen into the main/dip & the off/ side / main switches & wiggle them about....
    Water gets in there if your Cub is parked outside....

    Best wishes.

  2. Not tried it yet. Will do tomorrow though.


  3. Note to Fuzz.

    Not managed to scrounge any WD40 yet.
    Tomorrow's a new day though!!